Best-selling author Sammy Stein stands at the forefront of excellence, commanding international acclaim for her authoritative prose and exceptional journalism. With accolades to her name, her book, Women In Jazz, was named Phace Magazine Music Book of The Year and she also was a Jazz Times Distaff Award recipient and was placed on their Gearhead list. Her distinction as a Jazz Journalist Association Book of The Year nominee speaks to her insightful and probing journalism. With commissions form the Library of Congress and magazines including Readers' Digest, Sammy's influence on the world of jazz is undeniable.

At the heart of Sammy's career lies a commitment to integrity and thorough research, qualities that have propelled her books to international acclaim. With a portfolio that spans three major columns, Sammy is respected by peers and musicians for her insights in the realms of jazz, gender disparity, and the broader scope of music. Her recent appointment as the jazz correspondent for the Platinum Mind column further cements her as a trailblazer in the field.

Beyond her written accomplishments, Sammy's passion for music of all kinds shines brightly. She has curated the celebrated London Jazz Platform festival, lending her expertise to radio hosting, show writing, and playlist curation. Sammy's diverse blogs and captivating guest appearances have left an indelible mark, exemplified by her signature shows such as 'Women In Jazz,' 'Free Side of Jazz,' and 'Jazz Treasure Trove' for the US station Jazzbites. Sammy also champions the exposure of deserving yet lesser-known musical acts, offering them a spotlight.

Renowned musicians applaud Sammy's approachability and unfiltered honesty in her reviews and narratives. Her literary oeuvre includes impactful titles such as 'Women In Jazz' (8th House), 'In Their Own Words' (8th House),'All That's Jazz' (Tomahawk), 'Pause, Play, Repeat' (KDP), The Wonder of Jazz and Fabulous Female Musicians, each a testament to her dedication to music and amplifying the voices of musicians. Researchers and musicians find common ground in admiration for Sammy's collaborative spirit, establishing her as a much-respected author. For a captivating exploration of her insights, be sure to visit her website, complete with the captivating Jazz Report, at

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