JESSE CHASE was born in Montreal, Quebec, on April 8, 1985. His family moved to Cornwall, Ontario when he was 5 and he remained there until the age of 18. Upon returning to Montreal he sought to become a multidisciplinary artist. He's published his poetry, interviews, critical theory and reviews in Poetry is Dead, Arc, Hypermedia Joyce Studies, The Brotherwise Dispatch, The Word Addict and Ditch Poetry magazines. His concrete poetics have been featured in the Future Concrete Exhibit in Vancouver and the Prague Micro Literary Festival. He also plays trumpet, sings, raps and plays around the city of Montreal regularly. Download his latest EP collaboration with atamone.

God's Wife and the Synonymous X is the first in a series of 3 books in different genres: a novel; a book of critical, cultural and literary theory as a proposed program of decolonization and philosophic assassination of the old body ridden by inhuman ideologies and oppressive technologies; and the third, a treatment on the process of making the first two books—a creative non-fiction, providing an ethics of self-recovery and the rehabilitation of personal narrative in the trauma of experience in a world of masks, capitalism and oppression.

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