Exciting news from the 2024 Creator Awards!

Joao Cerqueira's "Perestroika" has triumphed with multiple accolades, showcasing the depth and power of its narrative:

  • Outstanding Creator Award for Political Fiction
  • 2nd Place in Historical Fiction
  • 2nd Place in Dystopia
  • 3rd Place Overall
  • Plus, honorable mentions in Best Villain, Best World Building, and Best Character!

Set against the backdrop of a changing Europe, "Perestroika - An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth" invites readers to explore themes of power, revenge, and the quest for truth. Join us in celebrating these well-deserved recognitions and delve into a story where history meets the complexities of human nature. 

Thank you to all our readers and the panel at the Creator Awards for this incredible honor! 

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