PERESTROIKA: An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth 

As the specter of Perestroika sweeps across Europe, communist regimes crumble, and a new era dawns in the People's Republic of Slavia. In the corridors of power, former leaders grapple with the harsh reality of change, while those who suffered under their rule seek justice and revenge.

Amidst the chaos, the central figure emerges – Lia Kirchner, a woman driven by the shadows of her father's tragic fate in a re-education camp. As the daughter of a painter who perished, Lia embarks on a quest for truth that intertwines with the larger tapestry of political intrigue and personal vendettas.

President Alfred Ionescu, once an influential leader, finds himself confined in an asylum of his own making. Zut Zdanov, the head of culture, faces the haunting specter of his dark past in an encounter with allegations of child abuse. Helena Yava, fueled by the grief of losing a lover, seeks vengeance by any means possible. Igor Olin, the steward of the economy, battles for the dignity of his disabled son in a world grappling with change. Meanwhile, art historian Silvia Lenka delves into the mysteries of her own parentage.

Drawing inspiration from Pilate's eternal question – "what is truth?" – "Perestroika" is a kaleidoscope of history, politics, arts, tragedy, and humor. In a world echoing the fall of the Berlin Wall and mirroring the rise of leaders inspired by figures like Putin and Trump, the novel transcends conventional genres, offering a unique blend of entertainment and intellectual depth.

2024 Independent Press Award Winner in the category of World Literature ∗ 1st Place in Women's Historical Fiction, 2nd Place in Historical Fiction 2024 BookFest Awards ∗ Winner of Outstanding Creator Award for Political Fiction 2024 ∗ Winner of the 2023 HFC European Book of the Year ∗ Finalist in the Multicultural Fiction category for the 2024 American Legacy Book Award ∗ Finalist for the Book Excellence Award in Europe ∗ Finalist for the 2021 Eyland Awards ∗ Finalist for Fiction Factory Chapter Novel Competition 2022 ∗ Finalist in the 2023 Latino Book Awards

João Cerqueiro's latest work "Perestroika" isn't just a novel; it's a resonant exploration of the human condition set against the canvas of recent European history. It challenges readers to ponder the very essence of truth, revenge, and the quest for redemption. Unique in its fusion of historical and literary fiction, it stands as a singular work in a league of its own.

For readers who revel in the rich tapestry of historical and literary fiction, and those with an interest in the intersections of politics and human rights, "Perestroika" is an intellectual and emotional odyssey. At its core, the novel confronts the crises facing today's world – from the European upheavals to Russian aggression, Far Right leaders, and global power shifts.

This is more than a book; it's a call to contemplate the delicate balance between political freedom and humanitarian values. Dive into the pages of "Perestroika" and experience a narrative that transcends borders, ideologies, and genres.