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Get ready for a novel that intertwines love, loss, and the quest for identity. "Borrowed Memories" is a poignant tale that spans continents and generations, exploring how our past shapes our futures.

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Set against the backdrop of an Ontario couple in their winter years and the vibrant, tumultuous Arab Spring, this novel brings together the old and the new in a touching narrative. Follow Ivan Pyefinch as he navigates the complex terrain of family memories and personal identity, with an unexpected twist brought by Mia Hakim, a passionate filmmaker with a story that could change everything.

Borrowed Memories by Mark Foss

Coming June 2024 | 228 pages | ISBN 978-1-926716-78-7

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Stay tuned and mark your calendars for a journey of memory and discovery!

Borrowed Memories 

In a world where identities are in flux, and memories hold the power to shape destinies, "Borrowed Memories" by Mark Foss emerges as a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the search for self. This captivating novel, set to launch in June 2024, promises readers a literary journey that transcends borders and time.

Finalist for the 2020 Guernica Prize for Fiction

"An Ontario couple in the depth of their winter years is juxtaposed against the rage and hope of the Arab Spring. Ivan Pyefinch, a freelance translator, becomes the custodian of family memory as he cares for his aging parents in the Thousand Islands. His father, a World War II pilot, fights for his driver’s license, while his mother wages a losing battle against Alzheimer’s. Their lives take an unexpected turn with the arrival of Mia Hakim, an immigrant filmmaker with dreams of her Sephardic roots and a scenario that binds their stories in ways they never anticipated."