A Writer's Journey with Steve Schlam:  An Interview

Massiel Valenzuela-Castaneda & Blackhearted Studios interview Steve Schlam on the process of writing, the lyrical power of language, the writer's journey and the artist's plight. 

In this insightful episode featuring author Steve Schlam, he shares his journey through writer's block, describing it as both an enemy and a healer. The conversation with Massiel explores the emotional nuances, touching on guilt, anguish, and the gradual process of overcoming creative obstacles. Steve reflects on the existential themes in his novel, "The Harvesting of Haystacks Cain," emphasizing the writer's desire to leave a lasting mark. The discussion delves into the challenges of releasing creative work into a crowded literary landscape and the importance of feedback. Listeners can look forward to the pre-launch period starting in mid-January, leading up to the official book launch in March. 

Episode Name: Breaking Chains and Nurturing Creativity: A Writer's Journey with Steve Schlam

Episode Number: 240

Listen to the full episode here.