Rolli writes... a humorous essay in the latest issue of Plenitude

In an age dominated by digital connections, the search for genuine friendship can be a challenging endeavor. 8th House author Rolli explores the experiences of a writer who embarks on a journey to find companionship through online classified ads. Via a humorous essay, "The Lonely Life: A Quest for Friendship in the Digital Age." Rolli shares his encounters and misadventures with individuals who respond to his ad seeking interesting conversations.

Initially excited by the prospect of meaningful connections, Rolli quickly realizes that the online realm can be a breeding ground for inappropriate advances and solicitations. His inbox is bombarded with messages that are far from what he had anticipated. Undeterred, Rolli refines his ad to emphasize the platonic nature of the conversations he seeks.

As the writer concludes his article, he reflects on his experiences and expresses gratitude for finding a true friend. While he may have encountered a series of unusual and unsavory characters along the way, Rolli remains open to the possibility of finding true friendship amidst the noise of the digital world.

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