Neurodiverse Writing with Rathwell & Rhenisch

As the world becomes more aware of the spectrum of human neurodiversity, many are looking to understand and appreciate the unique perspectives that neurodiverse individuals bring to various fields. One such field is writing, and in the article "Neurodiverse Writing with Rathwell & Rhenisch," readers can gain insights into the creative process of two neurodiverse writers and the innovative ways in which they approach their craft.

The article (which you can read here) is centered on the book "Don't Expect the Sun to Shine - A Wake for Robin Blaser," which pays tribute to the influential Canadian poet and scholar Robin Blaser. Rathwell and Rhenisch were both contributors to the book, and in the article, they delve into their own experiences with neurodiversity and how it shapes their writing.

Rathwell, who describes his writing process as being nonlinear and associative, embraces his unique way of thinking allowing it to inform his creative work, often discovering unexpected connections and insights in the process. Rhenisch, similarly uses his neurodivergent perspective to inform his writing, to see patterns and relationships in language that others might miss.

Reading about these writers' experiences can not only deepen our understanding of neurodiversity but also inspire us to appreciate the beauty and power of different ways of thinking. And, of course, for those interested in poetry and literature, "Don't Expect the Sun to Shine - A Wake for Robin Blaser" is a must-read.