An Anthology of East African Literature is now available!

8th House Publishing is proud to announce the release of "An Anthology of East African Literature" edited by Beatrice Lamwaka & Josh Mali. 

Containing over 300 pages, more than 50 contributors from more than 10 contributing nations, this is the volume everyone has been waiting for.

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An Anthology of East African Literature

Edited by Beatrice Lamwaka & Josh Mali


An Anthology of East African Literature: A Collection of Masterfully Crafted Pieces from 50+ Contributors across 10+ Countries

Montreal, CANADA - The literary world is about to receive a gift in the form of An Anthology of East African Literature. This new book, featuring the works of more than 50 contributors from over 10 countries, promises to be a granary of artistic abundance. With over 300 pages of literary art, this anthology is a rich tapestry of poems and short stories that draw from the African oral storytelling tradition.
The poetry section of the anthology is rich and sundry, reflecting the diverse spectrum of literary expression to be found across the East African region. From playful use of verb repetition to create a sense of frequency and emphasis, to the conversational form of Ngonjera, readers will find a wide range of styles and themes.
The short stories section is equally diverse, covering a range of societal and personal issues. From terrorism to romantic cravings, political disenchantment to justice and gender equality issues, the writings in this section showcase some of the finest writing in terms of both form and meaning.
“We are excited to present An Anthology of East African Literature to the world,” says Josh Mali, one of the editors. “This book is a fitting gift to the lovers of literary art in this first quarter of the 21st century, and we hope readers will enjoy the rich variety of masterfully crafted pieces that it contains.”
Featuring the works of renowned writers such as Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva, Lydia Kasese, and Billy Kahora, this anthology promises to be a must-read for anyone with a love for literary art. The book is set to be released soon, and readers can pre-order it now to ensure they get their copy as soon as it’s available.
For more information about An Anthology of East African Literature please visit the publisher’s website. The editors are available for interview.