MAVOR's BONES by Rolli 

Charles Anderson (Rolli) does it again. In another clever, witty and touching collection, Rolli rollicks again through gardens and cemeteries peopled with dreams, goddesses, characters dead and alive, dukes stricken within gout, gracious skeletons and morose angels.

I have been dreaming
those dreams of meaning
that come from the waters
of dreaming deep
like drowned men
to the gold skin
of the ocean

Company's come. In a ramshackle mansion, meet a family in the same condition—ancient, decayed. There's the brooding Duke, and his riotous brother. There's Grandam, lost in wilds of herself. There's a vicar, a philosopher, an angel, a ghost or two. And somewhere above them all, in a ruined garret…

“By turns delightfully black, singingly lyrical and/or innocently nonsensical. Here is a poet outside the mainstream with his own refreshingly original voice and bone[s] to pick.”

– Gillian Harding-Russell, author of I Forgot to Tell You

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Rolli is a writer, illustrator and cartoonist hailing from Saskatchewan. He’s the author of three short story collections – I Am Currently Working On a Novel, God’s Autobio and Dr. Franklin’s Staticy Cat – and Plum Stuff, a book of poems. His cartoons appear regularly in Reader’s Digest, Harvard Business Review, Adbusters and other popular outlets. Visit Rolli’s website – – and follow him on Twitter @rolliwrites.