The English Qabalah 2nd. Edition, Complete VOLUME

A learned exposition by one of the world's leading Qabalists, this book takes the reader through an exploratory journey through the English Alphabet and the mystic and even subconscious roots of our development of language throughout history. A quick survey of the Hebrew Qabalah is presented before embarking the reader upon the discovery of the English Qabalah and the Key to the Roman Script published here for the first time. Disturbingly poetic and irritatingly profound, readers will find a treasure chest of delights to whet their curiosity. - Editor's Review

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For over 2000 years, the keys to the Arabic, Greek and Hebrew Alphabets have been well known. Texts have been scoured, formulae revealed, the patterns foretold, the mysteries deciphered and Understanding flowered in souls here and there. In the more recent past, something of a race among different schools of thought is being fought to produce the key to the English Qabalah: English being (ostensibly) the living language of this Aeon. With this book, the key to the English Qabalah is declared openly for the first time. A learned exposition by one of the leading Qabalists, this volume presents the analyses and researches that led to the discovery of the English Key, directing the reader through the process of discovery and revealing the results of the key’s application to Class A texts before considering wider applications. A short demonstration of the results of conversion according to the Key is presented as substantive proof of the validity of the Key. The book is intended to serve as a general introduction to English Language Gematria for the critical and modern reader, and to act as a spur to research among earnest Student.

A short exploration of the mathematical and mystical properties of the numbers and the operations upon them, as well as the letters of the Roman Script (English Alphabet) is also off ered as the basis from which to construct a new system relating the alphabet glyphs to the Mystical Traditions of the Past.

A lexicon or numerical dictionary is also provided wherein words and phrases of the English Language are tabulated in order of their value.