The Bible is teeming with cruelty, atrocity, injustice, wickedness, pain, amputation, sacrifice... who knew it could be so funny, too? Rewritten in its entirety, these ‘blasphemous’ new and old testaments take the Bible book by book, line by line, and edit them for sarcasm, satire, credulity and common sense. The result is some of the funniest, scariest stuff you’ll ever read.

“A means of challenging zealots to read their own holy books and possibly force them to consider the harder questions and contradictions contained therein, the author decided to rewrite the Bible. Years of indefatigable work later, The Blasphemous Bible was created. All the many stories, accounts and ‘facts’ contained in the Bible are here rewritten with no apology for the obvious wickedness, cruelties, atrocities, and unbelievable fallacies it may be said to chronicle.” 

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