UNFICTIONS by Jason Price Everett

"Jason Price Everett's UNFICTIONS is a superb first novel. It reminded me of J.G.Ballard at his best....He has a poet's sense of language and a painter's sense of scene, offering a clear-eyed interpretation of today's realities....I can thoroughly recommend it."

-  MICHAEL MOORCOCK, author of Breakfast in the Ruins

"Unfictions is a remarkable achievement and issues a profound challenge to the literary landscape of today."

 - The Antigonish Review

A modern and radical work composed of discrete units of text designed to evoke a scale of notes of emotion from the reader, Unfictions is an extended work of lyrical necessity: both a CAT-scan of our common society in the fin-de-millenaire period and a socio-aesthetic prophecy. Poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction, autobiography, history, theology, literary criticism, political critique, polemic, pornography Unfictions unerringly dramatizes the way that we react to the information-rich environment of today in all of its glorious simultaneity. It is the beginning of a New Realism in contemporary letters: one that faithfully reflects a culture so supersaturated with events, quotations and copies of copies that it can no longer distinguish between categories and their increasingly relative meanings.

Cover artwork by ADRIANA VAREJÃO, Azulejaria Branca em Carne Viva (White Tilework in Live Flesh), 2002
Oil on canvas and polyurethane on aluminum and wood support, 270 x 200 x 40cm, Courtesy Galeria Fortes Vilaça, São Paulo, Photo © Vicente de Mello

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