ARIELLE QUEEN Book I - A Knight for a Queen by Michel Levesque

The best-selling, award-winning fantasy series by Michel Levesque.

Arielle, an insecure teenager discovers on her sixteenth birthday that life is not as she once thought—boring. Suddenly thrust into the middle of a battle between evil and more evil that has been raging for centuries she learns of another world co-existing with ours. Now, Arielle must discover who she truly is before she can understand all that is happening around her. A journey of self-discovery becomes a life-and-death struggle for our heroine as she battles supernatural forces pursuing her and learns about herself, her destiny and the prophecies foretelling her arrival.

About the Author
Born in 1971 in the Laurentides of Quebec, Michel J. Lévesque began his career publishing his particular brand of science fiction and fantasy in a number of magazines including Solaris from Quebec and Galaxies from France. Samuel de la chasse-galerie (Médiaspaul, 2006), his first novel was listed in 2006-2007 by Communication-Jeunesse and was a finalist for the Cécile-Gagnon prize. The Prix jeunesse de science-fiction et de fantastique québécois also shortlisted the work. Arielle Queen, La société secrète des alters (A Knight for a Queen, in English) was nominated for the 25th Edition of the prix du Public La Presse Prize, was volet littéraire at the Salon du livre of Montréal in 2007 and was nominated for the Aurora 2008 Award for best French language book.

About the Translator

Greg Kelm is a freelance translator with 13 years’ experience and a degree in French to English translation from Glendon College. Greg currently lectures in English translation at Laval University in Quebec City and is working on, among other projects, the translation of the complete Arielle Queen series.