LOCK 7 by Dean Serravalle

Lock 7 is the highest and last lift up the historic Welland canal. In this literary novel, it is also the dominant metaphor for Leo’s final life epiphany. The one that always seems to come too late.

Leo Meurso, a trained mercenary and assassin gone AWOL, has crossed some bad people and is now his employer’s next hit. With a death sentence hanging over him, Leo decides to return home after twenty years of absence. His plan is to attend his best friend’s wake and crash his high school sweetheart’s wedding, both scheduled on the same day. Wedged between, then pressed through such polarizing events, and motivated by the reality that at any juncture of the day he will soon be killed, Leo revisits family, the girl next door, the town fool still pining for his friendship and a host of others in a small canal town bursting with revelations of past secrets, sexual deviances, nostalgic memories, and the protagonist’s ultimate goal. 

Lock 7 is an edgy, poetic, modern day literary parable about a man’s confrontation with death on the eve of his life’s ironic resurrection.  Will Leo accept the just consequences of past actions, or will his epiphany release him from judgment?