8th House Publishing continues its series of collaborations: May 17, 21:00, CineCycle, TORONTO

Join us for readings from emerging authors interpreted though interpretive jazz, ambient loops, instillation, theatre and projected visual narratives. Featuring the works of:

Seamus Ogden - Matthew Jarvis Wall
Ben Ladouceur - Colin Fisher
Nick Nelson - Delta Will
Gary Barwin - Jenna Mariash

Ditch the high art - dance and drink after readings with DJ Liam Sanagan (LUM, First Rate People).
May 17, 2013, 21:00; CineCycle, TORONTO; $5.00

Claudia Serea's work featured in Muse-Pie Press

Claudia Serea's work featured in Muse-Pie Press. See it here:

Darren C. Demarree's "A Bare Fist of Snow" in Wild Violet Literary magazine.

Darren C Demarree's "A Bare Fist of Snow" in this month's Wild Violet Literary magazine. See it here.

Darren C. Demaree in TINGE Magazine

Darren C. Demaree's "The Wheat Sank Ripe" appears in the current issue of TINGE Magazine.Read it here.

Stay tuned for news on his upcoming book by 8th House Publishing

Claudia Serea's translation of Adina Dabija's work in the Asymptote Journal

Claudia Serea's translation of Adina Dabija's "Stare nediferentiată" ("An Undifferentiated State"), Brumar Publishing House, 2006 appears in the Asymptote Journal. Read the poems here.

Claudia Serea's "The System" featured in Cold Hub Press's "Drunk Monkeys"

Claudia Serea’s  The System, a cycle of poems inspired by her father’s experiences as a political prisoner in Communist Romania, published by Cold Hub Press featured in Drunk Monkeys.

Stay tuned for her "A Dirt Road Hangs from the Sky" to be released soon.

Claudia Serea in Latin America's Best Writing, Southern Pacific review.

Claudia Serea's Hide and Seek appears in Latin America's Best Writing, Southern Pacific review.
Read it here.

"Jump the Devil" reviewed in the mRb

Richard Rathwell's "Jump the Devil" reviewed in the mRb (Montreal Review of Books).
Read the full review here.

Spuyten Duyvil Publishing releases Jason Price Everett's Xian Dyad

Spuyten Duyvil Publishing releases Jason Price Everett's Xian Dyad. Read more about it here.

Darren C. Demaree featured in Sundress Publications' Stirring: A Literary Collection

Darren C. Demaree, author of an upcoming book by 8th House Publishing is featured as guest editor in this February's Stirring: A Literary Collection, Vol 15, Ed. 2 by Sundress Publications. Check it out here

Joe Blades reviews Richard Rathwell's "Jump the Devil"

"...Their stories weave together like lines of traffic, or convoys on ruble-strewn streets moving too fast for their safety. The reader feels the roller-coaster hurtle of the narrators in their stories. Rathwell writes an engaging and convincing prose set in the tumultuous world around us."  

Read more of the review online here.

Joe Blades is the award-winning producer–host of Ashes, Paper, & Beans broadcast weekly, since 1995, on CHSR 97.9 FM in Fredericton, NB. He is an artist, educator, and writer with seven published poetry collections—three of which have also been translated and published in Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Jump The Devil by Richard Rathwell

Jump the Devil by Richard Rathwell

Rathwell’s writing is “a fistful of sentences written with the subtlety of a geisha and the terse certainty of stainless steel.”  - John Olson, Author

“There must have been a bad bite. Something had gestated. He wasn’t imagining it. There were wet, frozen pebbles tumbling in his veins. There was a sugary sense of euphoria, a smell of orange blossoms, of piss, of diesel.”  

5 x 8. 146 pages, ISBN 978-1-926716-11-4. $18.88

 Read Full Description | Buy Now | News | Hardcover Edition


The 8th House Collaborations Nov. 29th Event Photo Album

The 8th House Collaborations Nov. 29th Toronto Event Photo Album is now up on the facebook group page....

See you soon!!

Cameron W. Reed at the Brooklyn College.

CAMERON W. REED co-author of the Midas Touch, will be a keynote speaker, at the "Wall Street Conspiracy" Film Screening this Thursday, December 13, 2012; 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM at the Woody Tanger Auditorium, Brooklyn College Library. Learn how Naked-Short Selling and other predatorial financial practices are still thriving at Wall Street today. More information below (click the picture to link to the Brooklyn College Site):


8th House Publishing presents a new series of collaborations.

8th House Collaborations


Join us for readings by emerging authors interpreted by projectionists, musicians and moving illustrations.

Readings begin at 9:00.

Featuring the work of:

9:00: Ola Szczecinska - Max Kelly, Leah Goldstein
9:30: Carlin Rilkoff - Marcela Calderon Donefer
10:00: Eytan Tobin - Shauna Jean Doherty
10:15: Dave Jamieson - Joseph Landau
11:00: Jeremy Hanson-Finger - Benefit of the Free Man - Ian Turner
11:30: DJ Marko Orlic

More about our artists:

Dragnet editor and co-founder Jeremy Hanson-Finger’s quirky and poignantly relatable short story is brought to life by the lyrical chamber-folk music of Benefit of the Free Man. Ian Turner's playful illustrations set the scene.

You will not want to miss this collaboration between these known and appreciated mainstays of the Toronto arts scene.


Shauna Jean Doherty // Eytan Tobin:
Delivering writing that is comparable to Bret Easton Ellis's raw, drug infused realism, Shauna gives vivid perspectives into the lives of young adults in Toronto's downtown and Kensington Market. She joins experimental film developer and musician Eytan Tobin to voice her writing on screen.


Dave Jamieson // Joseph Landau:
Dave Jamieson writes the echoes and wanderings of Chicago’s South side steeped in the Jazz of the 1920’s. He is joined by a member of Grids and Formalists, the novalingual composer and Classical guitarist, Joseph Landau.


Carlin Rilkoff // Marcela Calderon Donefer:
Life on the lakes of Northern Ontario is made all at once nostalgic and timeless through Rilkoff’s words. Marcela’s evocative images brings shades of magic realism to the author’s Muskoka landscapes and tales of adolescence.


Ola Szczecinska // Max Kelly, Leah Goldstein: Ola’s writing remembers a time that used to be and it's conflict with the present. She renders Warsaw in a “nostalgia, now” touching on the politics, identities and globalization that shaped its history. Be transported to this time as multidisciplinary artists Max and Leah bring out the nuances and subtleties of Ola’s work through puppetry, dance and projection art.

Stay to dance, drink and mingle until the bar closes with DJ Marko Orlic. He will make your booty shake and your heart break with his the depth of his musical knowledge.


Sasha Starikova for her work on our poster

Join us this Saturday, Nov. 17 at The Ottawa Small Press Book Fair:

Join Cameron W. Reed, co-author of "The Midas Touch", for a discussion on women's issues--tonight on the radio.

Cameron W. Reed will be live on Bridgeport's AM 600 radio station as the guest of a discussion panel on women's issues. Tonight 9:05 - 10:00 PM EST.

Listen online here.

John Olson reviews "Jump the Devil" in Tillalala Chronicles

Richard Rathwell writes "in a style of exquisite simplicity, somewhat reminiscent of Richard Brautigan’s droll constructions in Revenge of the Lawn, or Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio." 

Read the full review here.

Geoffrey Alexander Parsons 1985-2012


Geoff was part of a poet's group that met bi-weekly to read at the Argo Bookshop in Montreal. His poems appear in Show Thieves 2010, An Anthology of Contemporary Montreal Poetry. GAP, as some called him, has several unpublished works and a nearly completed manuscript.  - Bob Knight

Excerpt from Hate Poem...

Did I really write

that trite Please

tell me, are my

thoughts my own?

Do I feel?

OR was I taught?

AM I A Product

Or a Producer?

Cool? A loser?

I am a drunk

and A boozer

A habitual Drug user

A Addict to


Addicted to conflict

To contradiction

Unable to tell truth

from fiction

A social affliction

OR A self-deployed invention.

My Own Voice

OR Someone's diction,

the sum of


Hang out on

the outskirts

of the truth

if there is such

A thing.

Looking At it

where does it

start where does

it end if that's

HOW it works

it makes my

brain hurt

unable to sort

So I'll finish


   -- Geoffrey Alexander Parsons

We lament to inform our readers and the public that Geoffrey Alexander Parsons, author of "Unwanted Hopeless Romantic Morons" has passed away.

Radical, passionate, a gifted writer and a defiant truthfulness, Geoffrey personified 8th House and will be missed deeply by all of us here. 

Geoffrey Alexander Parsons 1981-2012

Article and Obit in The Herald

Ottawa Launch of Richard Rathwell's "Jump the Devil" at Books on Beechwood, Sunday, June 3, 15:00

JumpTheDevil Sm banner sm


15:00. Sunday, June 3, 2012

35 Beechwood Ave