The Jazz Mann reviews Sammy Stein's "Women in Jazz - The Women, the Legends & their Fight"

"A book that offers a fascinating insight into the lives of contemporary jazz women and one that will be read with great interest by jazz enthusiasts of any gender. Intelligent and insightful." 

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JazzBites Radio interviews Sammy Stein

Sammy Stein discusses her latest book on the JazzBites Show. Listen to Sammy Stein discuss the issues and possible solutions. Hear from some of the great musicians mentioned in the book.

Listen to the full JazzBItes Radio Show here.

"Through Shadows Slow" by Abraham Boyarksy is now available!

Abraham Boyarsky's latest fiction, "Through Shadows Slow" is now available at your favorite bookstore. Pick up your copy today.

176 pages | 5.5" x 8.25" | ISBN 978-1-926716-57-2 (pbk.) | US $17.99 CAD $23.99 UK £14.99


NYWW @ Red Room: News of the World in Picture and Poem

Claudia Serea and Maria Haro of Twoxism will be presenting at New York Writers Workshop event, 'An Evening of Pictures and Poems" at the Red Room, New York City. Mark your calendar!

Thursday, November 7, 2019 7:00 PM  9:00 PM
Red Room 
85 East 4th Street
New York, NY,
10003, United States

Full details here.

Jazz Matters reviews Sammy Stein's "Women in Jazz - The Women, the Legends & their Fight"

" doubt of Sammy’s knowledge and authority on the subject... The sheer volume and status of the people who have given up their time to help Sammy, both women and men, is testament to the respect Sammy has earned across the industry and the trust people have in her to relay their stories faithfully."

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Nathaniel G. Moore of the Town Crier interviews Dean Serravalle

Dean Serravalle discusses writing and his latest novel with Nathaniel G. Moore of the Town Crier Magazine. Get the interview here:

Read a fan review of his latest 8th House book,  "Lock 7" here.


Sammy Stein interviewed on Jazz Flashes

Sammy Stein discusses her latest book "Women in Jazz: The Women, the Legends & their Fight" on Jazz Flashes. Get the full interview here.

Nick Lea of Jazz Views reviews "Women in Jazz"

"In her own inimitable way, Sammy Stein has given us a work that will be read, poured over and discussed for quite some time. A document of how society today perceives music and the women that choose to pursue a career in the industry in all its many guises, and therefore quite rightly asks as many questions as it answers."

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CBC on Damian Siqueiros, his artwork and fighting dystopia.

"Damian Siqueiros is fighting a dystopian future with photographs that are full of hope..." 

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Get his "To Russia with Love" here.

"Nude Male with Echo" now available!

Darren C. Demaree's latest collection, "One of the most anticipated releases this October" (- Coil Magazine)  is now available at your favorite bookstore.

Demaree gives us the truth.- Kellyn Berzabal of Petrichor on “Lady, You Shot Me”

Like any spiritual test worth its salt, this book offers more questions than answers...  ...we recommend this challenging and complex work without reservation. Celebrate it with great care.-- Michael Young of Rust + Moth on “Many Full Hands Applauding Inelegantly”

Demaree puts the reader in the driver’s seat of emotional intuitiveness... It is upon us, as readers, to cherish such lyricism when it comes along.--Michael Prihoda of After the Pause on “Not for Art nor Prayer

”.... a delightful blending of observation and imagination.--John McCormick of Cultural Weekly.

Women in Jazz - Promotion Video

Learn more about the book and about the author. Get a preview of the interior, some of the photos and personalities you'll encounter in this groundbreaking work.

Watch it now.

Video courtesy of Arema Arega.

Jonathan R. Cohen - "In Nietzsche's Footsteps" Reading Event

Join philosophy professor Jonathan R. Cohen as he discusses his book, “In Nietzsche’s Footsteps” and what it means to remain an individual while nurturing the bonds that make life worth living.
Cohen will share a travel narrative and images of his family’s journey to Friedrich Nietzsche’s favorite residences in Nice (France), Turin (Italy), and Sils-Maria (Switzerland), as well as a brief biography of Nietzsche and some of the major ideas of his philosophy.

Event Details

  • October 28, 2019
  • 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
  • Free


  • Lithgow Public Library
  • 45 Winthrop Street
  • Augusta, ME 04330
  • (207) 626-2415

Women in Jazz featured in Suffolk Norfolk Life Magazine

Sammy Stein's Women in Jazz is featured in the October 2019 issue of Suffolk Norfolk Life Magazine. 


"Nude Male with Echo" - One of the most anticipated releases this Fall

 "Nude Male with Echo", Darren C. Demaree's latest collection comes in 2nd in The Coil Magazine's list of Most Anticipated October Releases. See the full list here.


Jazz Matters on Sammy Stein's "Women in Jazz"

 "Women In Jazz is a fabulously insightful look at the jazz industry - a must read."

Listen to the full podcast: Jazz Matters | Ep. 20

Sammy Stein author of "Women in Jazz: The Women, The Legends & Their Fight" interviewed on BBC Radio.

Stephen Foster of BBC Radio interviews Sammy Stein regarding her latest work, "Women in Jazz". Hear the full BBC Broadcast here. Sammy's 20 minute interview begins at 2:20:50 on the BBC broadcast player.

WOMEN IN JAZZ by Sammy Stein

This book is about women in jazz. It charts their journeys, celebrates their presence, hears their voices, wonders at their prowess and revels in their being. We hear from female agents, arrangers, composers, musicians, PR people, radio hosts, record label managers, singers, writers and more...

268 pages | 5.83" x 8.27' | 56 Photos | ISBN 978-1-926716-55-8(pbk.) | US $29.99 CAN $39.99 UK £23.99 



"Nude Male with Echo", Darren C. Demaree's latest collection is now available for Pre-Order - 25% off


Darren C. Demaree’s collection Nude Male with Echo examines and challenges male vanity, power, and expectation.  While exploring the place of his gender in this world, Demaree’s attempt to expand upon the expectations of “what makes a man”, while drilling down into the artistic framework provided by the body and aging provides a new landscape for these modern questions. Nude Male with Echo, Demaree’s thirteenth full-length collection, utilizes fresh language, energy, and abstraction to confront the typical arcs of his gender’s role in society.  These poems drag and batter “maleness” into what it is, a failing qualifier, and leaves us with the hope that it can be much more that what it has been in the past.

75 pages | 5" x 8" | ISBN 978-1-926716-56-5 (pbk.) | US $13.99; CAD $16.99; UK £10.99 | Info Sheet: pdf, jpg

Claudia Serea hosts the National Translation Month

Founded in 2013 by poet, author, educator and journalist, Loren Kleinman, and by Romanian-born poet and translator, Claudia Serea; NTM is a celebration of translation throughout the month of September.

Language is a way to express the human experience, yet it also presents communication barriers. With the efforts of accomplished translators, however, those barriers can be overcome to foster artistic unity across linguistic boundaries.

Find out more about the National Translation month here. Follow them on facebook here.

"Through Shadows Slow" by Abraham Boyarsky Available for Pre-Order 20% off


Daniel is in the twilight of his life, tormented by doubts, of cuckolding, an illegitimate son, his late wife’s ‘dissolute’ nature, the horrors of war and the inanity of all human activity. A miraculous childhood survivor of the Nazi prison camps, Daniel is shipped to Canada after the war, a refugee and an orphan. Processed in Montreal and diagnosed with TB, Daniel is sent to the renowned Sainte-Agathe hospital in the Laurentian Mountains where the clear air might benefit his health. During his recovery, Daniel meets his future wife, Gilla, and must deal with memories of the war, the promises he’s made to dead relatives and how to fit the happiness and love he finds in Sainte-Agathe amidst all the horror he’s suffered. Driven by insurmountable convictions about Gilla’s infidelity, he very nearly ruins their lives. Now at the end of it all, Daniel must make a pilgrimage to Masada and memory in the hope of finding truth and redemption.
176 pages | 5.5" x 8.25" | ISBN 978-1-926716-57-2 (pbk.) | US $17.99 CAD $23.99 UK £14.99

Women in Jazz - Now Available at your Favourite Book Shop

This book is about women in jazz. It charts their journeys, celebrates their presence, hears their voices, wonders at their prowess and revels in their being. We hear from female agents, arrangers, composers, musicians, PR people, radio hosts, record label managers, singers, writers and more. These are their stories; their views of jazz and how they see the future. The established performers share their years of experience whilst those newer to jazz reflect on observations and changes they have seen. 

Containing interviews and first-hand accounts, this book is witness to the generosity, profundity and positivity with which women have responded and the energy they have put into their lives in overcoming challenges.


"... the book reads like skipping stones on a pond: one eye-opening narrative leads to a fascinating historical photo that leads to priceless quotes and offbeat reference sources, keeping the reader hungry for the next surprise Stein will veer off to. Issues like whether misogyny in jazz is still with us, equal gig opportunities/equal pay (Jane Ira Bloom refers to “the phone calls you don’t get”) and even things like “the physicality of lugging all the gear around and coping with the whole lifestyle of being on the road” as described by Kim Cypher are all refreshing perspectives on the challenges of being a female artist. Stein widens her net by including the impressions of record executives, radio hosts and others who have built their lives around jazz." 

--Debbie Burke, "Sammy Stein Grabs the Mic with the New Book WOMEN IN JAZZ"