Opening Night 

Meet Marcus Detroit--eccentric millionaire, playwright mystifier, epicurean aesthete, seasonal freemason, digital Ulysses and vindictive male divorcee. Join this harbinger of chaos, spilling champagne and roses as he steps out of taxi cabs onto pulsing Montreal summer streets hunting for the subject of his next play: the modern man, the next step in evolution, the solution to all of society's ills and his own existential torment, his sole burning compulsion personified unwittingly in his publicity agent.


Funny, frenzied, maniacal, and touching - a statement on modernity, as these men contemplate their future while unravelling their lives to their increasing horror. Sitting on the edge of darkness, they wait for the great dawn, the opening of night, which Marcus aims to precipitate with his next play in which he reveals all, on Opening Night.

418 pages, 5 x 8. ISBN:178-0-9809108-2-7

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